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Mar 25
  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Hedge Fund Risk Management I course has been designed to fill a gap between the mathematics employed by advanced academic researches and the level of general knowledge that might reasonably be digested by practitioners. Read more...
  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    We deliver the complete due diligence training specially tailored to address irregularities and unique problems of hedge funds. Unlike the commonly used die diligence frameworks, our platforms incorporate the most advanced quantitative models available today. Read more...
  • Portfolio Composition

    Portfolio Composition

    Do you know that a properly constituted portfolio of hedge funds shows not only significantly lower risks than the underlying funds, but also superior returns close to the best performers in the basket? Read more...
  • Genetic Optimization

    Genetic Optimization

    For the first time in the industry, we have applied the genetic optimization algorithms for hedge fund portfolios. Now our advanced FoF composition course explains hedge fund multi-extreme optimization in action. Read more...
  • Trend Segmentation

    Trend Segmentation

    The proprietary Trend Segmentation technique is included in our Risk Management and Portfolio Composition training. In brief, it evaluates diverse managers’ skills during on different markets (uptrend, downtrend and trendless). Read more...
Online Courses

We deliver finance courses devoted to alternative investments and hedge funds. The range of topics includes: Risk Management and Risk Assessment, Due Diligence (both quantitative anc qualitative), portfolio composition and optimization, and trading models and strategies. We conduct both online and in-house training. Contact us for a proposal to address your specific needs and requirements.

Home Training Online Courses