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A must read Funds of Funds is to my knowledge, the first hedge fund related book in the market describing the complete process of FoF portfolio construction in depth. It is written by one of the industry experts, who introduces the details of hedge fund investing from the practitioner’s perspective. The book provides an excellent balance between the complex analytic and intuitive thought process.

It is a must read for every investors wishing to make an unbiased decision and for every fund manager interested in becoming a constituent fund.

Neal Berger
Apogee Capital Partners L.P.

Simply the best I have been waiting for this book for over six months. Excellent work, simply the best "funds of funds" book available. It gives you everything you need to build a top-performing hedge fund of funds: risk management, portfolio optimization, stress testing and so on. It is written in easy language and does not require a deep knowledge of the underlying maths.

What surprises me is that Dr Grauberg has compressed so much information that would be enough to write not one but several books.

Simon Elimelakh
BT Financial Group

Message from the Founders
We founded HFB in 2004 with the vision of providing a niche, quality service for the global hedge fund investor community. Since then, our vision has not changed. Furthermore, the current finance turmoil and its devastating effect on alternative investments, have proven the need for more efficient risk management, better investor education, and unbiased due diligence frameworks.

Our business strategy encompasses three major lines: training, publishing and application development - all dedicated to the alternative investment sector. In 2005, we established Quant Risk Group, an independent division focusing on risk management application development and on-demand due diligence  services. After two years of intensive development and testing, our team had delivered the first proototype of Quant Suite, a set of quantitative applications covering a broad range of tasks in investment fund risk assessment and portfolio composition.

We constantly strive to deliver better products and services, we welcome new challenges and look forward to working with you in the near future.

Andrew Grauberg
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Our mission is to deliver quality services and tools for the global alternative investment community including finance training and education, publishing and application development.
HFB is a specialist firm focused on provision of training and publishing services for the alternative investment industry. Our finance training courses include the following sectors:
  • hedge find risk assessment and management
  • due diligence on hedge funds (both qualitative and quantitative)
  • hedge fund of funds portfolio composition
  • hedge fund investment advisors
  • private hedge fund investors
  • family trust managers
  • institutional FoHF managers
  • institutional due diligence and risk managers
Experts. We carefully select our lecturers to ensure their substantial expertise in alternative investments and academic knowledge. Our experts are not just theorists learning the industry from the books, but active practitioners with hands-on hedge fund investments and trading.Â
Process. Rather than providing traditional seminars and conferences, we concentrate on fully interactive online training, which is far more effective and flexible. This way we can reach the widest international audience, while employing the best experts world-wide.
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